Paternity Law Attorney
Dallas TX

If a child is born out of wedlock, seeking paternity of a child will ensure that both parents will be in the child’s life.  Whether you plan on marrying the other parent in the future, once paternity has been established, it allows both parents to have possession and access with the child and will ensure that both parents are financially responsible for the child.

There were several changes in the Texas Family Code in 2011 that affect the issue of paternity. If you are the mother of the child and the father denies paternity, we can help you. If you are being accused of being the father of a child and you don’t believe that you are the father, we can help you. If you are already ordered to pay child support for a child and you have since learned that you are not the child’s father, we can help you; however, if you delay you may waive your right to contest the prior court order.

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