Protective Orders
Dallas TX

Unfortunately, sometimes a spouse or person in a dating relationship ends up being the victim of family violence. Even worse, sometimes it is the children who have been abused. Family violence is never acceptable, and you can apply for a protective order to protect you and/or your children from such violence. A protective order takes control away from the perpetrator and puts the control in your hands, giving you peace of mind and the sense of security you and your children desire and deserve.

Sometimes, however, one party falsely accuses the other parent or spouse of family violence in hopes of getting a “leg up” in a family law case. If you have been falsely accused of committing family violence, it is imperative that you hire an attorney who understands the burdens of proof and how to defend against such false accusations. At Saumier Law Firm, P.C. we are experienced in protecting persons falsely accused of committing family violence in family law cases.

If you are seeking an experienced and highly effective attorney to competently and effectively handle all aspects of your family law case, we invite you to Contact Us today for a free consultation.

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